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Saturday, May 9, 2015

I posted below earlier today, but I just wanted to share a new thing I added! I am not a person who is good at things to do with computers and technology really, but I figured out how to add a "follow by e-mail feature". I have been worried about clogging up Facebook whenever I post a new blog (kinda ironic considering this is my second post today haha), so this is another way for you to follow! Or if you aren't on Facebook it is good for you too! If you scroll down, on the right side, under my blog archive, there is a now a thing that says "follow by e-mail". If you enter your e-mail, you will (supposedly! I don't know exactly how it works) get e-mails whenever I write a new post. I don't know if they send other e-mails (I doubt it). I don't even think I get notified who is getting e-mails. No pressure at all, but I figured it would be a handy feature to have!

Thanks for reading and for all the continued support and love!

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